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Fundación Llar de Mariola - Albergue Ull de Canals


The shelter of Ull de Canals this recognized by Valencian Agency of Tourism from the 4 of August of 2003, passing from the mentioned date the pertinent revisions of security and hygiene that establish the different administrations you publish. Also one take refuges in the norm of the mentioned agency with respect to the arrangement of prices, reserves and cancellations in tourist lodgings.
The shelter Ull de Canals has an internal norm based first of all on the security, hygiene and well-being of the hikers, this norm must be fulfilled scrupulously.

Entrada Principal al Albergue

You consider that you will be in shelter of collective use, recognized  by the Valencian Agency of Tourism and in that the single case can be given that not esteis, reason why are basicas norms from respect to the facilities, the surroundings and the schedules, that habra that to accept inexcusably.

The reserves will be able to be done by I telephone in first instance, not considering itself formal until made the entrance of 25 % of the total of the total amount of the considered invoice.

3 days after of envoy the reserve form has not been carried out the entrance of the same one, the direction of the shelter reserves the right of which this it is occupied by other users.

In case of cancellation of seats or the safe complete reserve by greater force properly justified sera subscriber 10% of the advance payment if the cancellation efectua with one antelacion of but of 30 days to the fixed one for ocupacion of the lodging, of 50% when antelacion of but of 7 is made with one and up to 30 days and of the 100% when the reserve with seven is annulled or less day of advance (these norms are those that fixes the Valencian Agency of Tourism for the cases of cancellation of reresvas).

We also put in your knowledge that by order of the Department of the Interior 1922/2003 of the 3 of July of the 2003, all the greater ones of 16 years estan forced to present/display in all the lodgings, (including shelters), the passport to be registered in the record book and parts of entrance of the establishment.



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