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Fundación Llar de Mariola - Albergue Ull de Canals


Without a doubt some the activity estrela that can be made from Albergue Ull de Canals is the sederismo, multitude of ways and footpaths furrow the Natural Park of the Mountain range of Mariola, the Mountain ranges of Onil, the Fontanella, the Solana are accessible walking from Albergue. Routes of all type and difficulty found the traveller from aqui.
The possibility is not far from negligible either of making short displacements in vehiculo to know other places as the Natural Park the Red Font in Alcoi or other regions of the Alicantina Mountain.

Hikers of return to Albergue

He offers himself for the less intrepidos and adventurous possibility of contracting to routes of senderismo with mountain guide with titualcion official and whom to us a route to our very advisable measurement and necessities for people little accustomed designed to develop in natural means. It is a this totally safe and fialble form to enjoy the mountain being diminished to the maximum the risks that sometimes this apparent facil activity entails.

The homing routes also meet in our regions, many footpath of small route (PR), the footpath of Great route (GR. 7) or vias green of the Chicharra and the Serpis also is very accessible from aqui. In this section we offer the possibility to them of unloading pamphlets of different footpaths that the different groups or administrations make us arrive relative to these regions. That they enjoy the mountain.

Señales de Senderos PR ( Pequeño Recorrido)UNLOADINGS
Gran or Arquejada digs

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